Calabasas Pool Equipment Repair

For exceptional repair of all pool parts and equipment consult the pool professionals at Aqua Escapes, Inc. in Calabasas for qualified pool assessments and customized service. Our licensed technicians install top-quality components and offer helpful tips that ensure a safe and fun swimming season. Choose from a range of services that include:  

  • Certified pool inspections
  • Pool liner repair and replacement
  • Pool pump installation and repair
  • Pool filter repair
  • Filter sand change
  • Pool plumbing and electrical repairs
  • Skimmer repair
  • Preventative pool maintenance

Professional Services for Any Pool Problem 

Is the motor on your pool too noisy? Does your pool pump perform efficiently? Have you checked for leaks in your pool liner? Whether you are dealing with a broken valve on the skimmer, or a major electrical problem with your pool heater, Aqua Escapes, Inc. pool pros are fully equipped to handle any type of repair, large or small. Experts at identifying pool problems and promptly carrying out cost-effective and energy-saving repairs, we customize services and install pool equipment for any pool type.

Calabasas Pool Inspection

Skilled equipment repair begins with a complete assessment from experienced pool staff. Scheduling a professional evaluation is essential after several years of regular pool use for the security and proper functioning of each pool component. Problems with your pump for example, can adversely affect the effectiveness of the pool filter. A licensed inspection of your pool’s filter, pump, liner, basin, pool drains and all plumbing and electrical components is essential to good maintenance. Depending on the condition of your pool, upkeep and upgrades can add up quickly. Our knowledgeable staff provide a range of repair options to help you make informed and cost-effective decisions about pool equipment repair.

Pool Filters

The filter on your pool must be regularly cleaned and checked so that its flow rate capacity is sufficient to accommodate the size of your pool. Vital to efficient water circulation and central to keeping pool water clean, the filter must be running at peak efficiency in order to properly disperse pool chemicals that keep water safe and clear. Look to Aqua Escapes, Inc. to inspect and fix filter valves, change filter sand or provide a top-quality new filter installation.

Salt System Repair 

For faulty sensors, or salt readings that are no longer reliable, contact the Calabasas salt water system specialists to inspect salt cells and your entire salt water system. Get the most out of your system with regular inspections at pool opening and closings that extend the life of your pool and each of its parts.

Skimmer Repair

Since vacuuming is an essential part of weekly pool maintenance that keeps your pool running smoothly, the pool skimmer must be routinely inspected for adequate suction capacity to enable weekly maintenance. Skimmers can become clogged due to irregular pool maintenance and can develop into more serious pool plumbing issues if left unchecked.

Pool Pumps

Even though the pump on your pool may function adequately, older models offer limited energy efficiency and may be costing you more in the long-run than the price of a new installation. Aqua Escapes, Inc. experts offer the latest pool pump technology that functions quietly and lengthens the life of your pool. 

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