North Hills Sales and Accessories

Aqua Escapes, Inc. offers exceptional quality pools and pool products that help you create the pool of your dreams.  Dedicated to building pools that add value to your North Hills home and enhance your lifestyle, we offer a range of models, shapes and sizes to choose from installed by a qualified team of experienced pool technicians. Add value to your home and transform your backyard pool into a swimming oasis that is perfect for entertaining, or for simply getting away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Pool Accessories 

Your one-stop pool shop in North Hills, Aqua Escapes, Inc. offers a large inventory of pool accessories and equipment designed to perfectly complement your new or existing pool.

Pool Pump

The power capacity of the pump should be adequate to the type and size of your pool and coordinated to work well with the filter.  The virtual heart of your pool, the pump drives water from the skimmer and bottom drain to the filter for cleaning before redirecting it back into the pool. Aqua Escapes, Inc. technicians are available to repair, replace and provide qualified consultations and recommendations for selecting the most suitable pump to complement your existing system. 

Pool Filters

The primary and very essential function of the pool filter is to clean and clear away all debris from pool water as it is pumped through the system.  Whether your North Hills pool is equipped with a cartridge or sand filter, Aqua Escapes, Inc. recommends regular cleaning and inspection of your pool’s filtration system to ensure maximum efficiency. Contact one of our technicians for more info.

Pool Heater

No longer considered a luxury in a shifting climate, pool heaters provide warmth and comfort in addition to extending the swimming season. Available in a range of models and energy modes, discuss your preference for a gas powered or electric pool heater with one of our pool experts.

Pool Sanitation System

Salt sanitation systems have become increasingly popular in recent years. An efficient method for removing algae and bacteria from pool water, salt systems conveniently eliminate the need for harsh chemicals and keep pools sparkling clean. Staying informed about the most cost-effective and latest advances in sanitation technology is made easy with Aqua Escapes, Inc..

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Busy pool owners in North Hills will appreciate the convenience of an automatic pool cleaner. While pool cleaners do not eliminate regular upkeep, efficient models reduce the amount of sanitizer required to properly maintain your pool. Aqua Escapes, Inc. offers the latest high-powered suction equipment that connects to your pool’s skimmer and filtration system for easier vacuuming, including completely automated units that make pool cleaning virtually trouble-free.

Pool Liners

Browse through our selection of 100% virgin vinyl pool liners fortified with UV protection and advanced algae resistance.

Pool Safety Covers

Protect your pool during the off-season and in any type of weather. Our knowledgeable staff assists you with selecting the most suitable cover for your particular pool.

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